I thought I’d list out the talks I’ve given at various conferences here. Some of these are most likely out-dated by now, but you get the idea.

I’d like to thank partners I’ve had talks with here, they’ve all been very kind and willing to work with me, which I’m truly grateful for.


OpenStack Boston Summit – 2017 – Kuberneterize

This was a quick talk for Darin and I. Our demo wasn’t working, so we had to sort of wing this. Unfortunately, we came in a bit under on our time.

OpenStack Mountain Days West – 2016 – PCI Passthrough

This was one of the satellite OpenStack Foundation events, small — but definitely worthwhile conferences with some good talks. I gave on on setting PCI passthrough in your cloud. The fun never stops.

DevOps Days, Austin – 2014 – Dockerfy your CI/CD

This talk was essentially about Rackspace’s Cloud Identity product, as well as a tool that my team wrote called Jonah.